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In summer 2021, I set up Tresco Makers' Market - a community event supporting makers, showcasing local creative talent and raising money for our local community centre.

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Scilly has always attracted artistic souls. Creativity, in its almost infinite forms, is so cathartic and very much what kept us sane in our isolated island community during lockdown.

When the islands opened up again, I was really eager to have an opportunity to sell face to face rather than from behind a computer screen and I knew many of my creative friends felt similarly. It was this desire to be out there talking to people that lead to my organising the first market.

It was so lovely to organise and take part in something celebrating local talent and creativity and supporting the island community. Our little collective of makers, currently including individuals from Tresco, Bryher and St. Mary's, all pulled together and everyone helped and supported each other to make sure the event went as smoothly and successfully as possible. There was a buzz about the island that had been missing for so long and it was fantastic to see so many happy, smiling faces.

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Following on from the success of the first market, we were all keen to establish a more regular event. We scheduled three more markets for 2021 and then entered the New Year with a schedule of monthly markets for 2022, from March to October. You'll find the busy market schedule for 2023 above and many of us can be spotted manning our stalls at fetes across the islands in July and August too!

Our current monthly markets are held along the sea wall at New Grimsby, between the New Inn and New Grimsby quay, unless the weather is too wet or windy, when we seek refuge in the Flying Boat Studio (above the Flying Boat Café.

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