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A fun filled family board game based on Scilly

Whether you're a local, visitor, or admirer of Scilly from afar - play The Isles of Scilly Board Game and let the islands unite you with your nearest and dearest.

Suitable for 2-6 players aged 7 to 107, play it after school with the kids, in the evening with friends and your favourite tipple, or take it to that weekend family gathering and get everyone involved! 

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More than a splash of Scilly magic

A map based game board, custom weather dice and some seriously Scilly game cards - just some of the unique features that bring the islands to life as you play.

Chance has its say when you roll the dice, but as you and your opponents collect more game cards its time to get competitive and take more control of your game in a bid to be the first player to collect six postcards from around the islands and race back to the finish. You'll just have to hope that pirates and escaped cattle don't get in your way!

Some seriously Scilly
game cards

There are eight different game cards you might encounter when landing on a space marked with a '?' most of which can be retained and used to your advantage, or another player's disadvantage, but one of which has immediate and potentially disastrous consequences for the holder!


Quick Facts

  • Retail price £35.00

  • Released - April 2023

  • For 2-6 players

  • Suitable for age 7+

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