Hello! I'm Ellie; full time Mum to Jude and Etta, photographer and designer.


I arrived on Tresco as a toddler, over thirty years ago and grew up in a house just a few hundred metres from where I am now bringing up my own children.

As a child in the nineties I could often be found carrying a disposable camera and enthusiastically documenting my day, whether I was at home on Scilly, or further afield.


By the time I was a teenager, my parents had equipped me with my first proper bit of kit, a Vivitar, just in time for me to embark on a school skiing trip. Unfortunately, I managed to lose the camera on the way home... but undeterred by my early misfortune, I was eventually able to fund a replacement and fuelled by my beautiful Scillonian surroundings my passion for photography didn't stop growing.